Debian LTS Work March/April 2016

The end of April marks the one year anniversary of my Debian LTS contributions.  Unfortunately it also marks the end (for now at least) of my contributions under the Freexian umbrella.  While I think this is important work, I have always struggled to find time to do it between family, my regular Debian and other free software work, and my other consulting work.  I’ve decided to quit pretending I’ve got the time to provide the consistent contribution that Freexian needs for Debian LTS, so this is my final report.

This report covers two months because I was not well at the end of March (nothing serious, but the timing was very poor).  During this time I worked on preparing to start supporting Wheezy LTS and prepared and tested updating clamav from 0.99 to 0.99.1.  Unfortunately, uploading it to Wheezy is blocked on it getting in to Jessie.  In the mean time, upstream released 0.99.2.  Once that is in Jessie, I plan to upload it to Wheezy as well so this effort will not go to waste, it just has to wait a bit.


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