Debian LTS Work February 2016

This was my tenth month as a Freexian sponsored LTS contributor. I was assigned 8 hours for the month of February.

As I did last month, I worked on updating clamav in wheezy and squeeze-lts.  As with previous updates to clamav, we updated it to the new upstream version[1].  As an added complexity, this version bumped soname, so it’s now libclamav7 instead of libclamav6.  This bump necessitated a small transition in jessie/wheezy-proposed-updates and squeeze-lts.

The update for Jessie (included for completeness here) was done early in the month by other pkg-clamav team members.  It and the rebuilt/update libclamav reverse-depends will be included in the next Jessie point release.

For wheezy, I uploaded libclamunrar (which bumped soname as well) and worked with other pkg-clamav team members on getting clamav to build on sparc and preparing a fix for c-icap.  It and the rebuilt/update libclamav reverse-depends will be included in the next Wheezy point release.

As a result of the amount of time it took, the squeeze-lts update landed later than I hoped it would, but it is there.  As documented in DLA 437-1, there are new packages for clamav, libclamunrar, python-clamav, and klamav.  The last squeeze libclamav reverse-depend, dansguardian, took more work, but it too is updated, see DLA 440-1.


[1] The primary reason for this is that anti-virus is an arms race.  Unlike other types of packages being stable with only fixes for severe bugs and security issues does not result in a stable capability.  It will regress over time.  In order to keep up, the new version is needed.


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