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Debian LTS Work November 2015

This was my seventh month as a Freexian sponsored LTS contributor. I was assigned 8 hours for the month of November.

As I did last month, I worked on review and testing of the proposed MySQL 5.5 packages for squeeze-lts and did a bit more work on Quassel.  It has been suggested that maybe we ought to just EOL Quassel since backporting the necessary fixes is so complicated.  I think they may be right, but I haven’t quite given up yet.

I reviewed CVE-2015-6360 for SRTP and my assessment was that squeeze-lts was not affected (same for the other Debian releases while I was at it).

I published one security update, it was for libphp-snoopy.  This resolves the outstanding security issues by updating to the newest version as was done for all other Debian releases.

Finally, in the interest of getting better support in tools for Debian LTS, I came up with a patch for the pull-debian-source[1] script in ubuntu-dev-tools so that it will download Debian LTS packages correctly.  Although it took a bit of investigating, the patch turned out to be very simple.  I filed bug #806749.  I also started looking at the distro-info package (thinking I’d need it updated to fix pull-debian-source, which turned out not to be the case), but didn’t finish it yet.  I plan to work on that this month.

[1] Even though this is in ubuntu-dev-tools and not devscripts, there’s really nothing Ubuntu specific about it.