We have a winner (actually three) – Kubuntu Council 2013 elections

The results are in.  The Kubuntu Council is selected from among and by Kubuntu members.  There are six council members.  Each serves a two year term, so we elect half the council each year.  The winners are:

  • Philip Muskovac (yofel)
  • Rohan Garg (shadeslayer)
  • Valorie Zimmerman (valorie)

Congratulations and welcome.  All three are first time council members.

The Kubuntu Council is the governing body of Kubuntu. The Kubuntu Council has three primary roles:

  • Approve development plans for future Kubuntu releases
  • Approve Kubuntu membership applications
  • Resolve disputes within the Kubuntu project

Fortunately, we had our own mini vUDS today so we’ve now got a good idea what we want to have the new council approve.


1 Response to “We have a winner (actually three) – Kubuntu Council 2013 elections”

  1. 1 Benjamin Kerensa May 21, 2013 at 03:16

    Congrats to yofel, shadeslayer and valorie!

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