Kubuntu vUDS

Kubuntu held it’s own mid-release cycle virtual meeting today.  The primary technical output was an agreed community position on the latest release management proposal.  Rather than quote the whole thing here, I’ll provide a link to the message I sent on behalf of Kubuntu to the Ubuntu Technical Board.  The bottom line is that this is a pretty good proposal from our point of view.

It’s also worth (I think) mentioning that we did this with Free Software using Mumble (it is, however, possible that some restricted wifi drivers were in use, I’m not sure).  One of the real disadvantages to the online format for UDS is that it removes the incentive for project wide, contemporaneous focus on what comes next.


1 Response to “Kubuntu vUDS”

  1. 1 Loïc Minier March 17, 2013 at 12:00

    Free software >> Jitsi 2.0 just came out and it seems great timing to try it out; Google+ hangouts outside of being non-free are also super-heavy in terms of load so that my laptop can’t handle them. I don’t know how well Jitsi scales though, also would need some kind of video recording mode.

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