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Notifications in iOS5

I just ran across this review of IOS5 and was struck by this bit:

Notifications: iOS 5 includes the new notification center. It works just as well on the iPad as it does on the iPhone. I have found, however, that it needs some fine-tuning to balance the right amount of information with the least amount of interruption.

With the old system, incoming notifications (push alerts from apps, messages, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) popped up on the screen and required the user to dismiss them before returning to their task. In order words, they were a total and complete annoyance.

With the new system, messages can be set up to arrive in a number of different ways–including not at all. If and when they do arrive, they appear at the top of the screen in a tiny little bar. If you want to access that message right away, swipe it to the left and you’ll be zipped into that app. If you just ignore it, it fades away. You don’t have to do anything to dismiss it, and it doesn’t interrupt what you’re doing. Thank GOD!!!



KDE 4.0 for Kmail: Kmail2/Akonadi in 11.10

This will be Kubuntu’s first release with the new Kmail2 that uses Akonadi to store all your mail related data (and more) in a database. It is slow, unreliable, and extremely resource hungry. It can be made to work, but the situation is not good. My advice is to be careful about upgrading and test things in a VM/on a spare computer before upgrading to 11.10 if Kmail is important to you.

I put a lot of effort into making sure we had every upstream bugfix available for Akonadi and the KDEPIM related packages, so I think this is as good as it gets for now. Hopefully it’ll be better in KDE SC 4.7.3 and 4.8. In the meantime, please make sure to give feedback to

Personally, I’m caught because hardware support for my laptop is much better on 11.10. I’m thinking I’ll probably go with a 10.04 vm just for kmail and do my best to ignore kmail2 for now. Good luck.

Update: Improved the title.

python2.7 default python in wheezy

python | 2.7.2-7 | wheezy | all
python | 2.7.2-7 | sid | all

This took a lot of work from a lot of people. Thank you everyone.

Fortunately there won’t be a python2.8, so we don’t have to do this again.

kde4libs | 4:4.6.5-0ubuntu1 | natty-updates | source

As of today, KDE SC 4.6.5 is in natty-updates for all users. This brings 11.04 up to date with the final KDE SC 4.6 update produced by KDE plus some additional high priority fixes. This is the third time in a row we’ve done this:

kde4libs | 4:4.4.5-0ubuntu1.1 | lucid-updates | source
kde4libs | 4:4.5.5-0ubuntu2 | maverick-updates | source
kde4libs | 4:4.6.5-0ubuntu1 | natty-updates | source

Enjoy the bug fixing goodness.