DNS and Python

If you’ve ever needed to care about DNS and Python, you probably know about pydns (python-dns) and dnspython (python-dnspython). Both have been around a long time (dnspython hit 1.0 in 2003 and the origins of pydns are long enough ago that they are lost to the mists of time – I think dnslib.py, from which it is derived was initially developed with Python 1.5). They each have their advantages.
Until recently, if you needed DNS functionality and you’re interested in Python 3, you were out of luck. Last month I had some business travel with long airplane rides that I put to good use and I ported pydns to Python 3. Upstream took the changes and released it as py3dns, so now you have a Python 3 DNS option. Packages are available in Debian Wheezy/Unstable and in Ubuntu Natty as python3-dns. It passes all the tests (better than the existing pydns), but I know test coverage is incomplete, so take it for a spin and let me know if there are problems. The code isn’t pretty (it’s set of minimal changes to get to a working Python 3 port), but it seems to work OK.


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