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Hello Planet Debian

This is the obligatory “Hello world” post. I’m a developer both in Ubuntu and Debian. In Debian most of my work has been in the Python world where I co-maintain python-defaults and python3 defaults as well as several modules, extensions, and applications. I’ve been contributing to Debian development for about 3 years now and recently became a DD.
Just so this post won’t be completely free of technical content …
Most of you will have heard that Python 2.6 is now the default in Sid. Once this transition is complete and migrated, the Python system that’s planned for Squeeze will be in place (I know this is a topic that is very dear to some people, but I don’t care to discuss the history of it in my blog and won’t approve comments in that direction).
Of more technical interest, I think, is that the core system around Python 3 is starting to appear. The current version of Debian Python Policy begins to address Python 3 issues for the first time and we now have a “supported” and “default” Python 3.  There is more work coming between now and freeze time to more completely define how the Debian Python 3 system should work. While many upstreams don’t support Python 3 yet, we want to provide a solution that makes it easy for maintainers to provide Python 3 packages where they do.


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