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Can haz FIOS?

Oh dear. Is any comment actually necessary:
I won’t even go into the pain of trying to actually speak to someone to complain about it. At least the web tech support understood it was a dumb idea. Progress for our side, I guess.


Kubuntu: Ayatana has arrived

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last half year, you’ve almost certainly heard of Canonical’s Ayatana Project. At UDS Karmic in Barcelona we spent quite some time working out the best was for Kubuntu, KDE, and Ayatana to work together. We came up with a plan.
This plan gives Ayatana room to innovate and explore new concepts, preserves Kubuntu’s position as a very upstream KDE focused distribution, and makes it easy for Ayatana’s good work to benefit upstream.
We didn’t agree on everything, but we did agree on the idea that a user’s notifications should be consistent. From a Kubuntu perspective this meant that if a user was using a non-KDE application in a KDE session, then notifications should look and feel KDE like.
I gather it took quite some discussion on the XDG list to get agreement on how to achieve this, but Aurélien Gâteau has now landed patches in KDE svn (for KDE 4.4) and in the Ubuntu archive for Karmic (KDE 4.3) to enable this [1] [2] [3] [4].
I think this is a great first step for Ayatana, Kubuntu, and KDE. I look forward to more.
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Kubuntu Netbook Edition starts to take shape

One of our goals for Kubuntu in this development cycle is to introduce a new sub-flavor of Kubuntu for netbooks (thus Kubuntu Netbook Edition).
We took a significant step forward on Friday when we got our first images:
They are not optimized for netbooks yet, but KDE is natively pretty flexible about scale so it works reasonably well.
Now we need testers. I’m particularly interested in testing with a variety of netbook hardware. If you have a system that needs proprietary, undistributable modules like poulsbo (e.g. Dell mini 10), then this won’t work. I did already discover that the Broadcom drivers my mini 10v needs were not on the ISO and that’s fixed.
We have two goals for this release:
1. We want to offer a traditional KDE computing experience scaled to the smaller form factor. We should have a first cut at this done soon and be ready for some real testing to see what was missed.
2. Offer a really exciting and new netbook experience using the plasma-netbook shell. The pieces we need for this are still under heavy development (it looks like Kubuntu will be the first distro to release with it) and so it will arrive somewhat late and may have to be deferred to Karmic +1.
For now, please install from our new image and see if all your hardware works. I’ll let you know when we’re ready for more.
For now you’ll need to use the GTK usb-creator, but we are also close to having both KDE and Windows USB creator variants.