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Let your fingers do the walking …

When I was growing up, this was the advertising slogan of the “Yellow pages”. This was (is) the business telephone directory put out by the local telephone company throughout the US (I have no idea how localized the term Yellow Pages is, so I explain, just in case).
Recently I had an immediate need for a horse riding helmet for one of our daughters. The need was immediate because she was leaving for camp the next day.
This is not the kind of thing I normally purchase and I’ve only lived in this area for a few years, so I had no idea where to go. Without giving it a lot of thought, I fired up Google Local and found a great specialty shop close to our house. I had no idea it was there because it was on the back side of a small shopping center that I didn’t know had a back side.
While we were there, I had a nice chat with the owner and mentioned I’d found the store via Google and his web site. He mentioned that he gets a lot of new customers that way. He’s recently decided to cancel all his “Yellow Pages” advertising. He said he views it as a waste of money. His web site is a lot less expensive and works much better. His comment about “Yellow Pages” was something like “No one uses it anymore”.
This got me thinking. I have a current copy. The telephone company delivers it every year. I can’t remember the last time I actually used it instead of going online.
This seems like another small industry that is just going to go away. I hadn’t thought of this one before.