Clamav Update

Clamav is one of those packages where is order just to stay even you have to keep moving ahead. If you don’t keep up to date, then the bad guys have stuff that you can’t detect.
Clamav 0.95 appeared late in the Jaunty development cycle, but with help from the other members of the Clamav Update Team and the Debian Clamav Packaging Project we got not only Clamav 0.95.1 into Jaunty, but all the reverse dependencies updated and tested.
There were a few glitches in the clamav-milter packaging and some additions to the apparmor profile that have been fixed in post-release updates. I think we have a solid clamav package in Jaunty now.
At the same time we were working to test and integrate clamav 0.95.x in Jaunty, we were also working to finish testing 0.94.2 for Dapper and Hardy. We also got that done, so the version that Intrepid released with is available for Dapper/Hardy/Intrepid (and has been patched to deal with all known post-release security issues).
Finally, we’ve prepared packages to test backporting clamav 0.95.1 to all supported releases. They are in the ubuntu-clamav PPA. Once we get these tested we’ll get them into the official backports repository. If you test these packages, please mark your results on the team wiki.
If you’re interested in helping out, do some testing and apply to join the team.


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