No longer feeling a “weighty obligation to act”

The Quassel developers are keeping up their consistent record of responsiveness to feedback. A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about notifications in Kubuntu 9.04, I mentioned that I’d like the ability to easily get to the IRC channel related to the most recent notification from Quassel. I got a patch almost immediately that I’ve been testing.
I’m very happy with it and report that I feel a lot more relaxed about responding to notifications from Quassel. If I want to respond to an notification after it’s already disappeared, I just click on Quassel‘s systray icon and I get right there.
KDE 4.2 systray
Anyone who wants to try it out can upgrade from my PPA. This update includes the patch for that and another dealing with correctly setting notification timeouts. Some users who use Quassel outside of a KDE environment have mentioned that notifications didn’t go away and had to be manually dismissed. I’m interested to hear if this patch makes a difference.
This patches and a number of other bug fixes will be out shortly in Quassel 0.4.2. Once it’s released and I get it pacakged for Karmic, I’ll also get it into jaunty-backports for people who want to try it without upgrading their entire system.


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