Stuff I love about FOSS …. Quassel now gets activated from a notification

Yesterday I wrote about (among other things) wanting to be able to click on a notification of from Quassel and end up in that application. Today I find on #quassel:

[08:09:46] Quassel IRC: sputnick master * rb324a124e384 /src/ (8 files in 2 dirs):
[08:09:46] Quassel IRC: Notification backends now can emit a signal activated() that tells MainWin to raise itself
[08:09:46] Quassel IRC: For now, this signal is emitted by systray, dbus and knotify. Unfortunately, raise() does not seem
[08:09:46] Quassel IRC: to work with kwin and (according to docs) neither on Windows. Furthermore, my knotify seems
[08:09:48] Quassel IRC: to be broken and doesn’t signal a click at all. Thus, this whole thing got “limited” testing by me 🙂
[08:09:51] Quassel IRC: Take it as “might work under some circumstances in some environments”. Feedback welcome.
[08:10:19] ScottK: try this and see if it raises the mainwin for you – I have failed on my box, but code-wise it *should* work… guess those are WM restrictions

It works. Thanks.
Of course this is just the first step, but it’s great.


1 Response to “Stuff I love about FOSS …. Quassel now gets activated from a notification”

  1. 1 Vadim P. January 5, 2009 at 11:58

    Definitely not the Pidgin-like development going on here. Good stuff.

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