The joys of release week testing

On Monday before Intrepid’s release I decided to upgrade the kid’s computer to Intrepid and KDE4 (did I mention, I’m now a fan). I had a little time. I’d upgraded one of my machines with no serious issues. How bad can it be I thought…
Two days later it was working. I managed to trip over serious hardware specific problems in both the kernel and X windows. Fortunately not horrible enough to stop the release (you’re welcome to those, thank you very much) but definitely breaking my system. If these had happened a couple of years ago, I’d have been doomed (I know a little more now).
It turns out these bugs were pretty cool experiences. I got mentioned (not by name) in the official release notes. Bryce (the Ubuntu X maintainer) made a new wiki page for troubleshooting my X problem based on my input. I can see in the related bugs: Bug 290153 and Bug 290156 that other people have had similar problems to mine and benefited from the work-arounds I came up with.
So, it was a painful start, but the testing paid off even though the bugs aren’t actually fixed yet. It may seem like last minute testing isn’t going to help much, but it can make life easier for others. This is true post-release too, so if you are having problems, stick to working out a solution and document what you’ve done so others can benefit too.
The flip side is this can get a good dialogue going that can help you too. In Bug 290153 I got a comment today about a BIOS setting change that might help. I’ve got to look into that.


1 Response to “The joys of release week testing”

  1. 1 ethana2 November 2, 2008 at 02:45

    I’m just glad the PS3 version actually shipped this time. It would have been horrible to miss another release..

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