Clamav Plans in Ubuntu

Clamav in Intrepid is currently the 0.94.1 release candidate and unless something upstream changes, that’s what we will release Intrepid with. 0.94.1 final is scheduled for November 3.
So if you are running Intrepid and are interested in Clamav, this would be a good time to notice any problems you are having. File bugs in Launchpad and I’ll push them upstream. The goal is to get fixes into 0.94.1 and then I convince the Ubuntu SRU team to let 0.94.1 into intrepid-updates.
Once we get to a final version in Intrepid, then I’ll start looking at backporting to Hardy. I don’t expect to backport to Dapper/Gutsy any more, but will still try to work on security patches for those releases. If anyone else is interested in backporting to Dapper/Gutsy, I’ll be glad to give advice.
We are now using a common Git repository for Clamav packaging with Debian. See the pkg-clamav project on Alioth for details. This should help with keeping Debian and Ubuntu closely aligned. So far just Intrepid is there. but as we touch the other releases, I’ll add them.


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